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A brick fence is an important investment you will make in your property. Our job at Total Brick Fencing Gold Coast is to create brick fences that complement your home and add value. We work with your existing home façade and install modern brick fences to give your property a sophisticated and tailored look.

Total Brick Fencing Gold Coast has highly skilled brick fencing experts with years of experience and knowledge in construction with brick. Fully licensed and insured, our team at Gold Coast Fence Builders  work efficiently and quickly. All our projects are meticulously organized and follow strict schedules to avoid mess or delays in the project. We provide brick fencing options that are best suited for your property, your needs, save you money and maximize value. From offering free estimation with a smile to executing the brick fencing project to perfection, we offer a complete solution when it comes to brick fences in Gold Coast. 

Our bricklayers have been designing and installing brick fences for clients in Mermaid Beach, Main Beach, Bundall, Molendinar, Broadbeach Waters, Clear Island Waters and other nearby areas. We are widely recognized for our exceptional customer service, superior workmanship and quality brick fence installations. We ensure your brick project is completed to the highest standards so you can relax and enjoy the new investment in your home.

Why Choose Our Brick Fences Gold Coast?

Benefits of Brick Fences

As one of the premier holiday destinations in Australia, Gold Coast faces intense noise pollution challenges. The growth of the city is pushing residential communities closer to commercial areas. With the lot sizes shrinking, the residential boundaries are becoming much tighter. Homeowners in Gold Coast are expecting more from their fences, and our Bricklayers Gold Coast are here to exceed your expectations.

Here are some of the top benefits of installing brick fences for your home –

An amazing fence with all the amazing benefits mentioned above can be yours with the brick fencing experts at Total Brick Fencing Gold Coast. We can help you with everything – right from plans to permits and building requirements. 

All Types of Brick Fencing Services

Brick fences are an excellent way to add a stately look and feel to your home or create an aesthetically pleasing barrier. However, they should complement the style of your home. The good news is that brick fencing is very versatile when it comes to design and functionality. Our experts can install brick fences of many different styles such as – 


If you want the brick fence on a section of the property, you will want people to be able to see inside the property to get a glimpse of the upgrades and the accessories you have done to your house and the garden. Taking the easy to maintain and open look of aluminium slats with the strong and protective look of brick is the perfect solution that many of our clients are looking for. According to your needs, the aluminium part can be incorporated on the upper part of the fence or between the brick pillars.


Rendered fencing makes your property stand out and give it an instant facelift. Rendering a brick fence can help add an extra layer of protection from the harsh elements of the Gold Coast weather. Our Gold Coast fence builders are experts in matching the shades and colour of the decor of your property with the perfect rendering. It will give your property a special touch of class with its smooth and elegant finish.


Combined fences look more beautiful than a fence made of just one type of material. Combination fences increase the sophistication of the fence, and different materials can be used as an artistic forging to give it a distinct look. Our experts can help you pick the best options that can be harmonically combined with the appearance of your home.

At Total Brick Fencing Gold Coast, we can design, build and install high-quality brick fences that are made to last and offer great value for money. 

Need to Demolish an Old Fence?

Your old fence has served you for many years, and now that it has been falling apart; it’s time to remove the old fence from the property before you begin your new fence installation project. However, removing the old fence can be a pain in the back (or neck). Not only are these set in a footing about 2 feet underground, but if the post is rotten and not sturdy, removing them can be even more complicated.

Not everyone has the skills and the experience to remove the old fences or footings. So, if you need help removing your fence, our Brick Fences Gold Coast team could be happy to help and install a brand-new brick fence.  

Do I Need a Permit for a Brick Fence on The Gold Coast?

Most brick fences for residential properties do not require you to obtain a council permit. However, a permit is required if the brick fence is –

  • Is more than 2 metres in height above the ground level
  • Is more than 1.2 metres high in waterfront setback areas
  • Inconsistent with approval given earlier 

My Brick Fence is Cracked. Do I Need to Replace It?

Cracks in the brick fence are not normal and will require more than just some basic masonry work. Some of the top reasons why brick fences crack are sinking foundation, failing building support, seasonal changes, or tree roots. The location, severity and direction of the cracks are good indicators if the crack on the brick fence can be repaired or need to be replaced.
Hairline cracks on your brick walls are easy to repair and can be sealed with filler and paint. However, if the cracks are due to underlying structural defects, then the repairs would be more extensive, and, in some cases, replacement may be necessary. However, the longer you wait, the more expensive the issue will become. Our experts can assess the severity and the likely cause of the walls. We will then formulate a plan and handle the brick fence restoration or repairs before it deteriorates further.
Allow us to reintroduce structural integrity and smooth out the brick fence with our quality residential brick fencing services. We are qualified to handle all your brick fence crack repairs. Whether it is a complete rebuild or a partial repair, we have extensive experience in the field and can provide a finish that matches your existing work.

Does Total Brick Fencing Gold Coast Pour Footings too?

Since bricks are a natural material, it is susceptible to degradation from many factors such as age, brick marker, type of bricks, exposure to weather and others. Our experts can demolish the old brick fence and rebuild a brand-new brick fence. The original bricks can be reused if they are not damaged in that situation.

Often, the bricks themselves have not been damaged, but the footings of the brick fences are affected due to nearby trees or plants that might have displaced the footings and can cause the brick fence to not be in the right position. In these cases, our experts can build new strip footings that adhere to the latest standards and even use steel enforcement for additional support. In most homes, the brick fence is bearing on strip footings of around 600mm deep and 450mm wide, and also build wider footings in places where piers are to be installed.

For added strength and durability, our Fence Builders Gold Coast can also core fill the brick and blockwork using steel and concrete. This additional reinforcement is required to resist stress that may cause structural damage or cracking. 

Brick Fencing Service Locations

At Total Brick Fencing Gold Coast, we have just one goal – to keep our clients comfortable and satisfied. So, when you call us, our fencing experts will always go above and beyond to ensure your brick fencing project is completed to perfection. We the top Fencing Contractors Gold Coast homeowners rely upon.

We proudly install, repair and restore brick fences in the following suburbs and surrounding areas –  

If you do not see your area listed above, give us a call to see if we service your area too!

Ready to Talk About Your Brick Fencing Project?

We can help you with your next brick fencing project on The Gold Coast. We not only build strong and beautiful fences but can help restore your existing brick fence to its glory days. We can also install footings and rendering for your brick fencing project. Our years of experience and ongoing training make the difference between just a good job and an excellent artistic brick fence job.

Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation with our experts at Total Brick Fencing Gold Coast today for your next brick fence project.